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The Sleeper Crew is an officially licensed third-party product for Mothership RPG. This pamphlet gives a novel start to a Mothership one-shot, short adventure, or even a campaign.

Art by Ben Specklinhttps://benspecklin.artstation.com/

The Premise:
The PCs have "volunteered" to join The Sleeper Crew (a Division of Freezer Operations). Freezer Ops put them in Extended Cryosleep, and leased their cryopods to a Company Client in Rimspace. The Client awakens the PCs only to deal with the worst of scenarios (i.e. practically any Mothership RPG module, haha).

The Contents:
The pamphlet includes a character background generator focusing on why they joined the Sleeper Crew, for how long they've been under, how much they know about where they're going, and what they're getting paid for doing this craziness.

Bane/boon tables for the Effects of Extended Cryosleep offer a fun mechanical bent to the adventure to add a little extra madness to the mix. 

The two versions are purely flavor: one is written by the Company, the other is written by a Rimwise "volunteer." Just depends if you want this to be player-facing which version you'd like for your game.

Have fun with it, and please let me know how the pamphlet played at your table, with a comment or a rating.

First released April 21, 2022 on my website.


Mothership RPG are trademarks of Tuesday Knight Games. For additional information, visit www.tuesdayknightgames.com or contact contact@tuesdayknightgames.com.


Sleeper-Crew-company-version.pdf 4 MB
Sleeper-Crew-rimwise-version.pdf 4 MB
sleeper-crew-company-version-plaintext.pdf 78 kB
sleeper-crew-rimwise-version-plaintext.pdf 93 kB


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Great stuff. And the idea of having 2 versions is just brilliant! A perfect way to spice up any space based game. 


Cool idea.  It reminds me of the reputation of the people who did this job in the Dumarest of Terra universe.  Don't mess with them is the general idea, but also myths that they are cruel psychopaths.  I know my players are, lol

Thanks! Yeah, the wide interpretation of the urban legends (rimspace legends?) surrounding the Sleeper Crew is intended as part of the appeal. Something that can change from table to table. Like, the PCs could be badasses... or just normal-ass people everyone's afraid of, haha.