Stranded at Marcion's Abbey during a Storm, discover the heresies of the Defenders of God's Gate, at your own peril...
A Company man is trying to escape TAMA-81. Will you Snag the Suit or Evac the Exec? A Hyperspeed 2022 Jam submission.
Xeno Vermin threaten to infest TAMA-81 all over again. Locate. Isolate. GAMMA BURN. A Mothership RPG pamphlet adventure.
Awakened from Extended Cryosleep to face disaster. Character Background Generator and Setting Options for Mothership RPG

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What it says on the tin. I've tried to collect all the Mothership modules available on here in this collection, and have provided additional info below for those I did not find on itch. Hope this is helpful! If you're a creator and...